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Junior Coach Essence

Junior Coach
Vestal School

Junior Coach Essence is a Rock Star on and off the playground. She shares with us why she loves being a Junior Coach at Vestal School.

Before I came to Vestal School I didn’t know that much about games or how to play any sports. I also did not know what being a leader was. I kind of just did what my friends did.  When I met Coach Molly, she talked to us about the Junior Coach Leadership Program. I am a Junior Coach and I have a lot of responsibility, but I really love it. I’m thinking about playing volleyball too. When I started school last year it was like a new life. I met new friends and I learned more about sports and games almost every day. Playworks has taught me a lot about hard work. Now, when I go outside I know how to play different games. I see kids getting other kids to play new games and everyone is happy and playing. And that makes me happy. One thing that I learned since becoming a Junior Coach is the meaning of responsibility and  how to be a leader. 
Playworks is important to Vestal because it helps kids understand the meaning of fairness and the rules at school. Before Playworks at Vestal, recess was not much fun. Kids didn’t play very many games, they were mean to each other, and sometimes they even had fights. Now, recess is more fun and people play games instead of fighting or sitting around. Junior Coaches help recess by inviting kids to play, starting cheers, and giving lots of high fives to everyone. 
Since becoming a Junior Coach, I have changed by knowing how to deal with more responsibility. Helping with the younger kids, like kindergarten, is really tough sometimes, but I know that if I can get them to play with me we will all have a good time at recess. Now I am more sports oriented and my class work has improved. I am a leader in class and help my friends with their homework. I am someone that people can rely on. One time, I helped a little girl who was being bullied and crying. I talked to her and handled it by inviting her to play. The other kids never did it again.