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Coach Finds Purpose with Playworks
First-year master in social work student McKenna Griffith explains how serving as a Playworks AmeriCorps kick-started her career.  
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Join the 2018 Los Angeles Marathon Team Playworks!
To join the Playworks "Run for Play!" LA Marathon Team for the 2018 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, Stadium vs. Sea Charity Challenge or LA BIG 5K, begin by registering to fundraise with us. #Run4pLAy
Learning Respect and Gaining Confidence On The Playground
This school year, recess at Santa Ana’s James A. Garfield Elementary is an evolving lesson in behavior modification. Through Playworks, children are treating one another with more respect and feeling better about themselves and school.
Playworks Southern California
Harnessing the power of play to strengthen our kids, schools and communities.

"The bullying has stopped. The students are all engaged in one of the many choices they have to pursue during recess.  They resolve conflicts in class using rock-paper-scissors.”

Teacher, Grape Street Elementary, Los Angeles

Playworks Pro
With Playworks Training, learn how to use active play to support the social, emotional, and cognitive development of your kids.

"I'd rather go out and be present outside, active and involved spending 15 minutes playing every day instead of spending 30-45 minutes suspending a kid. Now, part of my job is to play with kids and teach them how to play instead of laying down the law."

Peter Wilson, Principal, Burbank Elementary

Collaboration is in our nature
Every Playworks partnership is customized to meet our partners’ specific goals.

At Mattel, we believe in the power of play and the critical link between play and the healthy development and learning of children. With Playworks as a partner, we can directly and immediately translate that vision into direct impact with thousands of children each year.” 

Diedre Lind, Executive Director, Mattel Children’s Foundation 

Reclaiming Recess
"California Educator's story "Reclaiming Recess" highlights a few California schools and educators who are taking recess back, recognizing recess' crucial role in optimizing a child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development, and how learning and attention improve following a break."

Playworks in Southern California

Recess Rock Stars

Meet the individuals and organizations doing their part to ensure that every kid has a place on the playground.

Cesar Chavez Elementary
Training Client
Burbank Elementary